Rail transportation

Own fleet of wagons, provision of all types of rolling stock with a large coverage

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Today the company is one of the leaders in terms of cargo delivery by rail. Being the official forwarder of “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”, JSC having in operation all types of universal rolling stock, such as IV-thermos, covered wagons, platforms, gondola cars, the accumulated experience and knowledge allow us to satisfy the needs of customers of varying complexity. Over 15 years, we have gained vast experience in the implementation of countless complex and large-scale rail freight projects.


The range of services offered by our company includes the organization of rail freight and all related additional services, such as transportation of goods from your company or factory to the starting loading station, loading operations for large equipment, cargo insurance, customs formalities and delivery from the final loading station to the consignee.

FCL, LCL transportation
Regulation of organizational processes during transportation
Transportation of oversized/oversized and bulk cargo: "SEA + LAND"
Cargo tracking
Organization of cargo insurance in premium insurance companies
Providing optimal logistics cargo delivery solutions
Provision of containers (20′, 40′, 40HC)

Operated park

Refrigerated container

Serves for the transport of goods sensitive to temperatures.


Designed for the transportation of piece (bags, boxes, pallets) and bulk cargo requiring protection from atmospheric precipitation.


A wagon designed for the carriage of long cargo, containers, machinery, equipment and bulk cargo that do not require protection from atmospheric precipitation.

IV thermos

Designed for transportation of thermally prepared perishable goods.


Designed for the transportation of liquid cargo, oil products, liquefied gases and powdered materials.


Intended for the transportation of bulk cargo (ore, coal, fluxes, timber, etc.), containers, other cargo that does not require protection from atmospheric precipitation.
Official forwarder "NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" JSC

Geography of transportation

More than 20 countries around the world

  • North
  • South
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • CIS countries
  • Japan
  • South
  • Iran
  • Central
  • India
  • Middle
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia
  • China
  • Southeast

Transaction Process


  • TSR. Transshipment ports: Vostochny, Vladivostok.
  • TCR. Transshipment ports: Qingdao, Lanyungan, Shanghai.
  • TIR. Transshipment port: Bandar Abbas.
  • Baltika-Transit. Transshipment port: Riga.
  • Black Sea. Ports - transshipments: Novorossiysk, Ilyichevsk, Poti.
  • Caspian Sea. Transshipment ports: Baku, Aktau, Anzeli, Turkmenbashi.

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