Trust once and always be sure

Over the years of existence, we have carried out a colossal work on the transportation of various goods using the best logistics routes and the most favorable price offers.

Our company has been successfully operating in the transport services market for more than fifteen years. Therefore, the company has vast experience in the transportation of goods, has modern technologies for storage, delivery and handling of goods.

Zhebe Logistics was founded in 2007.

The main priority for us is reliability, efficiency, mutual benefit and long-term cooperation.

Our vision and our strategy are focused on the future, which we strive for through the consistent and continuous improvement and development of our activities.

The mission of our company is to ensure maximum reliability of cargo transportation, providing the highest service, by creating new ideas and solutions, as well as to promote the development of the transport and logistics services market.

Our goal is to become the leading company in Kazakhstan providing a full range of local and international transport and logistics services.

We intend to improve and develop key competencies that ensure high competitiveness and leading positions of the Company in various market segments.


Tansykkozhin Aidos

General Director

Tulebaev Madiyar

Executive Director

Shin Vitaly

Commercial Director

Abylgazina Gulzat

Chief Accountant

Kisybaev Ermek

Director of Warehouse Logistics

Soltubekova Zhanna

Rail transportation, Air transportation, Project transportation. EUROPE, CIS countries, Africa, North and South America, Australia

Shyndaly Shattyk

Rail transportation. Project transportation. EUROPE, CIS countries

Kaken Gaukhar

Rail transport, Air transport, Road transport. CHINA, South East Asia

Nurzhakyp Gulgina

Rail transport, Air transport, Road transport. CHINA, South East Asia

Nurgisaeva Madina

Trucking. CIS countries

Mustafinov Azamat

Rail transportation. CIS countries

Biygaliev Darkhan

Rail transportation. CIS countries

Mukhtarkyzy Jasmina

Rail transportation. CIS countries

Kayrollaev Erbolat

Rail transportation. CIS countries

Urazalieva Zarina

Administration, HR

Begalina Aygerim